Standard Features

Features and Benefits of Lexington Homes

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Feature: As owners of the company, we have hands on participation in every home produced.

Benefit: Insures a vested interest in the value and quality of each home.

Feature: Non-corrugated I-Beam with full outriggers the entire length of the home

Benefit: Provides the strongest foundation, giving you a better frame and more support

Feature: 2×6 floor joist on 14’ wide floors and 2×8 joist on 16’ floors, with 3/4” tongue and groove OSB floors

Benefit: Longer lasting, sturdier floors

Feature: 2×4 studs on all exterior walls with 2×4 top plates

Benefit: Stronger and straighter walls

Feature: R-11 insulation in floors and walls, R-14 insulation in ceiling.

Benefit: Eliminates hot and cold spots and lowers utility bills.

Feature: Insulated heat ducts.

Benefit: Quiet, efficient operation of heat and air systems for better air distribution and comfort

Feature: 200 Amp electrical service

Benefit: Less likelihood of electrical overloads and more space for additional breakers.

Feature: “Pex” plumbing system with brass fittings.

Benefit: Freeze resistant water lines.

Feature: Congoleum no-wax vinyl flooring.

Benefit: Easy maintenance, tear and scuff resistant

Feature: Shaw brand carpets with rebond pad.

Benefit: 100% nylon carpet with stain protectors. Rebond pad prolongs carpet life and prevents dead spots.

Feature: 2” blinds on all windows with valences

Benefit: Provides a richer look and saves out of pocket

Feature: Whirlpool appliances (in black or white)

Benefit: National name brand that looks and works great.

Feature: 30” tall, “White Lined” Kitchen overhead cabinets

Benefit: More accessible cabinets with larger capacities and a cleaner, finished appearance

Feature: Upgrade cabinet doors on all cabinets

Benefit: Provides a sturdier cabinet door with finished edges

Feature: Kitchen drawers made of plywood

Benefit: Longer lasting and sturdier than press-wood drawers

Feature: All fiberglass tubs and showers

Benefit: More durable with less upkeep than plastic fixtures